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Need Relationship Help?!
Need relationship help? Are you having difficulties with your spouse? Is there something keeping you from going to the next level with your boyfriend? Is your girlfriend causing drama? The relationship Dr. is in, and she wants to help you! If you are having any issues in your relationship then this is the show for you.

Casting Families or Couples who want to take a trip to MIAMI in December!!!

Do you want to take a vacation in MIAMI?!?!

Leopard Films USA, producers of hit shows such as "House Hunters International," is looking for families or couples who are looking to take a vacation in Miami this December for a new TV series for The Travel Channel.

By participating in this show, you will be able to test out 3 different types of vacations / ways of experiencing Miami!  You will be given tours of different accommodations, hotels, resorts, etc. and our expert tour guide will show you the pros and cons of each of these choices.  Then, you pick your favorite option and you're off on your dream vacation!!!

Casting OUT OF CONTROL TEENAGERS for a New TV Show!!!

We are casting OUT OF CONTROL TEENAGERS in the Tampa, FL area for a new TV show.  If you are a parent of a teenager who can't stop getting into trouble and you want help, write to us now!

Hanging out on the wrong side of the tracks, drinking, doing drugs, partying all through the night, flunking out of school, getting into fights, getting pregnant, and always being disrespectful, wild, and unpredictable.

We are looking for parents with such teenagers who are desperate for help.  No matter what they do, their teenagers never seem to listen... and now they're on the verge of destruction.

Before they go over the edge, these parents need some professional help with their teens in to straighten them out and get them back on the right track.

We are looking for parents with badly behaved teens in the Tampa, FL area who want help getting them under control. 

This will be for a reality TV series hosted by 2 CELEBRITY "SUPERHEROES"!!!

NOW CASTING: Couples with pet problems! Do you and your significant other FIGHT about your PETS?!

Does your pet hate your significant other?  Do you feel that your boyfriend or girlfriend loves their PET more than YOU?  Are your pets causing relationship problems?

We want to hear your story!

Now casting a new reality show with a well renowned animal relationship expert to solve your pet problems!




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''Stay Positive'' (Boston University) - Rehearses Sept. 29; shoots Sept. 40-Oct. 1 in Boston, MA.
Film (Student Films): Casting "Stay Positive." Synopsis: Penny is about to take a pregnancy test and Jack is not sure of what he wants to do. Casting 2 roles

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'Buzzfeed Dating Series' (BuzzFeed) - Shoots mid-November-mid-January in Los Angeles, CA.
TV & Video (Multimedia): Casting for a hunky, single man for a new Buzzfeed dating show. Synopsis: For the first time ever, Buzzfeed is venturing into the dating world with a groundbreaking interactive relationship show. This is new, interactive relationship series that will feature a charismatic bachelor and several amazing women living in a...

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'Dinosaur Encounters Natural History Museum' (Natural History Museum of Los Angeles) - Daytime weekends and possible weekdays in Los Angeles, CA.
Performing Arts (Cabaret & Variety): Casting a full body suit puppeteer for our Performing Arts program at the Natural History Museum. Synopsis: This is an permanent Part-time position. Note the very specific size requirements before you apply or pass it along. The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County seeks a part-time puppeteer to...

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''Rebekah'' (Laughing Man Industries) - Rehearses Fall; shoots early Winter in Los Angeles, CA.
Film (Short Films): Casting "'Rebekah," the story of a white female teacher who takes her Hispanic male student with her to Tijuana to get a medical procedure for a very odd condition. Casting 1 role

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''Open House'' (NYU Tisch School Of The Arts) - Shoots Oct. 28-29 in Long Island, NY.
Film (Student Films): Casting "Open House," a short film about a mother and daughter painting their house before the daughter leaves for college. Casting 2 roles

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