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Studio One Media, Inc. has two wholly-owned operating subsidiaries, MyStudio, Inc. and AfterMaster HD Audio Labs, Inc. Studio One is engaged in the and development of proprietary, leading-edge audio and video technologies for professional and consumer use. Studio One introduced its first groundbreaking product in 2008 with the installation of its first MyStudio HD Recording Studio.

MyStudio® HD Recording Studios

Studio One has developed MyStudio, a self contained, state-of-the-art, high definition interactive audio/video recording studio designed for installation in shopping malls and other high traffic areas. MyStudio offers groundbreaking quality from a proprietary/patents-pending, stand-alone recording studio with an ease and convenience never before available to the public. MyStudio and its accompanying website,, incorporate into a single entertainment venue the best elements of the world's leading Internet and entertainment properties: the video sharing convenience, the social networking appeal and the talent showcase of other well-known websites and television programs.

MyStudio enables a user, for a fee, to record up to a five-minute personalized video with professional-quality backdrops, lighting and sound. The studios feature Hollywood-style green screen technology. Users can select from over a thousand HD virtual backgrounds (static and dynamic) and thousands of licensed karaoke tracks from EMI Music Publishing and others. The lighting is custom programmed for each virtual background and the sound quality is derived from a specially engineered acoustic design and a proprietary audio signal sequencing process.

Videos are available within minutes of completion of the recording for viewing at, and users may order a complimentary CD or DVD at their option. Videos are protected with a privacy pass-code, and the user can decide whether to make the video available to the public. The website offers users the opportunity to share videos and create member profile pages in a dynamic social networking environment. Users may also create links between and other social networking sites. Users may also download their videos to cell phones.

MyStudio can be used to create videos for music, modeling, comedy, dating, job resumes, auditions, and personal messages and greetings. Users can also enter their videos into monthly industry sponsored music, modeling and comedy contests.

MyStudio's MyStudio business model and website featuring user generated content ("UGC") are highly differentiated from leading companies in the entertainment and Internet industries. MyStudio offers a unique "bricks and clicks" combination of cash-generating studios and Internet-based advertising revenues. Currently, all major video sharing and social networking websites receive little or no revenue from the creation of the UGC hosted on their websites, forcing them to rely almost exclusively on revenue from website advertisers. The MyStudio business model uniquely provides for revenues generated from both the creation of the UGC by MyStudio customers and advertising. MyStudio advertising revenue is derived from both traditional website advertising and on-studio video monitor advertising.

In addition, the Company expects additional revenue to be generated from music sales and talent management arising from UGC on the website. Subject to the availability and timing of capital, Studio One expects to install and operate many MyStudios both nationally and internationally.

AfterMaster™ HD Audio

The Company has recently introduced a new technology for mastering audio that it has branded AfterMaster. AfterMaster is a revolutionary new audio technology that the Company believes dramatically increases the apparent loudness of music while delivering unprecedented clarity and depth. The AfterMaster process was designed to provide consumers with the biggest listening experience possible while reducing the harshness of digital audio and featuring the best qualities of analog recordings. The Company believes that its AfterMaster process for mastering audio makes music significantly louder, fuller and more exciting than traditionally mastered music. The AfterMaster process achieves its sound without adding compression distortion or exceeding recording industry limits of digital zero.

AfterMaster is a proprietary, post-production process that is applied to the final master of a music mix. The AfterMaster process can be used to create both a master from a master audio mix or to "AfterMaster" existing music that has already been mastered. AfterMaster allows any mastered audio to be remastered without the need to access the master mix. The business model includes the mastering and "AfterMastering" of both new music releases, as well as catalog music. It can be applied on virtually all audio sources including, music, radio, television and film.

The AfterMaster technology has been utilized by Janet Jackson, Lady Gaga, Ray J among others, as well as select music in the 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards.

The AfterMaster technology is owned by AfterMaster HD Audio Labs, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company. The technology is a proprietary, patents-pending combination of hardware and software which was developed over the last five years by the MyStudio audio engineering team.

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