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Create and Purchase a Session Online - Only $20 USD
You can purchase and custom design a MyStudio video recording session online at your convenience. Online session purchases are valid for 180 days from the date of purchase. With a prepaid session, you can custom design your MyStudio video by choosing from over 1,000 HD video backgrounds and a catalogue of thousands of licensed karaoke music tracks from EMI Music and others. You can also upload your own background image to further customize your video.

After you complete the purchase of your online session, a personal Activation Code will be displayed. Please write down the Activation Code or print the page, as you will need the code to activate your session at a MyStudio. To redeem your prepaid session, simply enter the private Activation Code at one of the paystations at any MyStudio recording studio. Your session will automatically be set up and ready for recording with your personal settings.

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